About Us

IPTel Group is an independent investment and consulting company, offering services and expert advice in the fields of telecommunication, information technology and renewable energy. IPTel’s success in a very competitive market is based on a number of key fundamentals.

These include:

  • Our independence in the marketplace and our ability to integrate across all communication mediums.

  • Our delivery of quality solutions to our clients.

  • Our broad range of products and services, and the expertise to integrate solutions.

  • Our experience in the industry, and our relationship with various industry players.

IPTel Group is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has offices throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. Our goal is to be an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) specialist which utilizes advanced and efficient technology.

Our Vision: To be a leading telecommunications and ICT company providing quality services and world-class solutions so as to be the preferred leading edge technology partner to our clients.